Trauma therapy

Outdoors, indoors and online

Do you feel you have issues in your life that are hard to understand or explain? Do you feel like you are struggling with trauma or PTSD? How would you like to be able to peel back the covers of your problems, find the causes and put them right? Whilst therapy isn’t quite as easy as that, with care and really strong support you may be suprised at how much change is possible!

I offer therapy outdoors, which can be very calming and conducive to working through one’s problems. There are benefits such as walking side by side, which can feel less confrontational. The surroundings vary, offering context to our discussions. In the current climate, you can feel safe in the wide open spaces. I also continue to work indoors.

This is a golden opportunity to move your life forwards, discover, heal, grow, whatever you dream of. Why not try a first meeting? If you feel the match is good then you could be starting on an important new journey!

BRISTOL – Southville

Monarch House
1-7 Smyth Rd
Bristol BS3 2BX