What to expect


Usually I suggest an initial number of 6 sessions, and therapy can go on as long as needed. There is no obligation to a particular number of sessions, and we can discuss what you find the most useful at any time. I do believe in client autonomy, by that I mean moving towards managing one’s own affairs, so will not suggest prolonging therapy unnecessarily.

Standard sessions are 60 minutes long. Longer sessions of 90 and 120 minutes are available for deeper work. Spaces are available weekdays, and there are also some evening spaces.


Will we get on?

Counselling relies on us having an effective working relationship. Like any other form of relationship, this needs a certain quality of connection and rapport. Sometimes that is present, sometimes not. If either of us do not feel matched enough for the counselling to work, we can discuss options for other therapists. It is very important for us to feel comfortable with each other!


How to book:

Call or text me on 07463 189 639, or send an email on the contact form. If you call and I don’t answer please feel free to leave a message, and I will return the call. We can discuss what you would like from counselling, and arrange a time to meet.



If you have any problems making the session, just give me a call or send a text. I operate a 48 hour cancellation policy.



£45 per hour.

I also offer an introductory session for £25. This can be useful to see how we get on, and get a sense if counselling could help you.



If you have a problem with myself or the sessions that you don’t feel able to discuss directly, you can make a complaint the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists):

Tel: 01455 883300
Email: complaints@bacp.co.uk
Post: BACP House, 15 St John’s Business Park, Lutterworth LE17 4HB


My counselling approach

I believe counselling can be a very effective and enabling experience. It can transform lives, alleviate suffering, and create pathways to realise hopes and dreams. Having said that, I don’t see it as the only path to improving one’s life There are many other equally valid approaches. Therapy could be defined as any activity that has a curative quality. This could include a good weekend wandering in the countryside, seeing a good film, or simply sitting calmly and letting thoughts clear themselves.